Team-based Project Management

By Miller Consultants on December 7th, 2015

How to Work Collaboratively and Communicate Effectively 

Full Day Classroom Learning for All Employees

Most projects in a high performance organization are carried out by teams.  And often the team members represent several functions. While managing projects in these cross-functional teams is exciting and interesting, the challenges can be daunting and exhausting.  Furthermore, the project teams must engage with a number of stakeholders, all of whom have their own interests in the work.  Thus each new project will have its initial growing pains that could negatively impact members’ engagement levels and their motivation to participate..


This interactive workshop is designed to prepare participants for managing projects collaboratively and communicating with stakeholders productively. This workshop is designed for both intact groups working on a specific project together and open enrollment in which individuals want to learn new project planning skills to enhance their own professional development


  • Creating clear outcome statements for projects
  • Showing vulnerability to build trust
  • Establishing roles and responsibilities to support commitment and encourage accountability
  • Exploring conflict as a way to deepen relationships and ensure successful project outcomes
  • Practicing effective decision- making approaches
  • Engaging the expected and unexpected stakeholders
  • Creating communication practices that support the project from beginning to end