SCALA™ for Consultants

By Kathy Miller on February 3rd, 2014

SCALA™: License to Consultants

We know that many excellent consultants and advisors are working with their clients on sustainability-related initiatives. We are offering a licensing and certification process that will enable other sustainability specialists to administer SCALA™ assessment instruments. If you are a consultant, you may use the SCALA to assist your clients. You provide your clients with the service and we administer the instrument on-line and provide you with the reports. You can use these reports to inform your work with your clients and to give them valuable information about the readiness of their organization to support the strategies.

SCALA™: Certifying Consultants

Miller Consultants offers a Webinar based certification process for consultants wanting to use SCALA™.  It is a structured learning program developed to effectively prepare consultants for bringing the optimal use of SCALA™ towards achieving your clients’ sustainability goals.™