Personal Side of Change

By Miller Consultants on December 7th, 2015

How You Can Manage Change Effectively for Yourself 

Half-Day Class-room Learning for All Employees

Change can be exciting as well as stressful!  And of course it is inevitable and ongoing in the workplace today.  However, individuals do not have to feel like victims of change.  By learning how to deal with change effectively, all of us can cope with the changes and grow professionally and personally as a result.


The focus of this class is to provide participants with both insight into how and why change is affecting them as well as to deliver practical skills that they can use as they move through the predictable stages of change.


  • Emotional and behavioral effects of change
  • Stages of transitions
  • How to cope with each stage
  • Approach vs. avoidance – Pros and Cons
  • Reducing the threat of change
  • How to communicate with those in charge of the changes
  • Participating in the change process