Learning to Live With Change

By Miller Consultants on April 21st, 2014

Half-day Workshop for all Employees

The purpose of this course is to help individuals learn how to thrive even when living with uncertainty and ambiguity.  Most of us are surrounded by constant change.  And, at the same time, many of us value stability and security.  How can we reconcile the two? 


The purpose of this workshop is to help employees who are faced with change (and who isn’t these days?) become resilient by learning how to decrease change-related stress, handle anxiety and embrace change as an opportunity for intentional growth.


  • How to find some stability in constantly changing environments
  • What is the difference between uncertainty and ambiguity and how can we address each
  • Learning to live with situations that aren’t perfectly secure
  • Learning how to look at change as opportunity
  • Preparing ourselves to meet the challenges of constant change
  • Ensuring  that we have a balance between our work and our personal lives
  • Becoming more resilient so that we can more easily bounce  back from set-backs