Leadership for Green Business

By Kathy Miller on July 8th, 2013

Originally published in Environmental Leader

Are you looking for a way to keep your employees engaged through this time of high economic stress?  Leaders have found that their employees are motivated by assisting with their companies’ green strategies.  People are excited about helping their companies reduce energy costs and increase profits while demonstrating a real concern for the environment.  However, the excitement must be sustained by a clear show of commitment from top-level leaders.  If employees suspect that the ‘green’ initiatives are merely flavors of the month, they will be cynical instead of engaged.

How do leaders successfully demonstrate commitment?  One means of demonstrating resolve is to provide the manpower and financial resources to enable success.  Also when leaders insert green-related targets into the Key Performance Indicators, their employees know that they are serious.  Leaders must find ways to create a culture where the commitment to sustainability, energy and water efficiencies is merely part of the fabric of how work gets done.   Commitment means long-term focus on the environmental challenges and opportunities within your business.  As Andrew Winston stated in his book, Green Recovery, “increasing engagement and knowledge around green issues isn’t just about pumping up morale – it also gives your people a solid foundation to innovate and create value in new ways”.