Instructional Design & Learning

Constant change compels continuous learning. Our practical solutions enable enhanced performance immediately.

Your organization’s progress depends on the growth of your people. Miller Consultants uses innovative approaches to instructional design and training that embeds learning into the very tasks that face your employees every day.

Action Learning

Experience is indeed the best teacher! Our action learning is a process for learning by doing. Learners tackle real work issues while our instructors provide practical knowledge, new tools, and facilitated reflection for optimal skill acquisition. People participating in our action learning can use what they learn immediately and broadly on the job.

Classroom Learning

While we deliver a series of familiar training topics, our approach is to customize each of the topics to your company’s unique circumstances and needs.  We always gather information about your company, your culture, and your employees as we prepare to deliver.  We ask participants to come to the classes with real projects, issues and challenges pertaining to the knowledge and skill areas that we will address in the classroom.  We incorporate your company-specific scenarios into the materials that we explore.  Most significantly, we ensure that each participant walk away from the class with an action plan for using the skills and knowledge that we addressed together throughout the training. For more details, visit our training topics link.

 Current Learning Offerings

This list includes some of our current learning topics.  Each was developed by Miller Consultants towards meeting your company’s needs for continued learning:

Career Development Topics

Change-related Topics

Communications Topics

Skills for the High Performance Workplace

Project Management for Everyone