Inspiring Extraordinary Performance

By Kathy Miller on April 23rd, 2014


Wouldn’t it be fabulous if we were all employed by organizations where extraordinary performance was the norm? Wouldn’t it be fantastic if all of us worked in environments that inspired all to do their very best work? For three decades, we have been assisting organizations and the individuals within to create the cultures, systems and capabilities to deliver inspired results. From small family-owned businesses to large, global corporations, our clients all have one thing in common; an uncommon desire to create the conditions that advance superior performance.

Every client engagement has brought me new opportunities to increase my own knowledge of what works and what doesn’t in the arenas of organizational effectiveness, organizational development, executive coaching and all of the other many disciplines and practices that comprise performance management. Sometimes I have gone by the book and frequently I have thrown out the book in searching for and finding practical solutions to complex organizational challenges.

A couple of years ago, I decided to build on our success with our thriving consulting business, Miller Consultants. It seemed to me that we could and should make the tools that we have developed over the years in our client engagements available to a broader audience. Thus we began a fresh project of turning our client-tested tools into easily accessible and affordable products we have called “Human CaptiTools.

I’ve had the privilege of working with some of the best companies in the world, including Toyota, IBM, Rohm and Haas, Ernst and Young, Kawasaki, Brown-Forman and many others. I have been engaged by companies in almost every state and in several countries including Australia, Africa, England, Italy, France, Mexico, and Sweden. I have had the enrichment of working with so many people facing a myriad of challenges. I believe that I have stories to tell that can help others face workplace and work life challenges. I am using this blog to share the learning. Please join me frequently as I discuss with you the lessons I have learned and the gems that I have collected over the years. And I’m not done learning yet.