Igniting Career Growth

By Miller Consultants on September 6th, 2013

How to Engage Employees Through Career Coaching 

One-Day Classroom Learning for Managers

Webinar Follow-ups

Career coaching doesn’t have to be a burden.  When done right, this coaching can be carried out as a natural part of a manager’s interactions with employees, both formal and informal.


The purpose of this course is to assist managers in acquiring skills for just-in-time career coaching. The facilitators use an action learning process so that participants complete actual work while learning.  To this end, each participant receives a toolkit for mapping out a workable career coaching strategy.


  • The difference between career and performance coaching
  • What to do when employees are eager for promotions that the manager cannot provide immediately
  • How to guide employees to own their careers
  • Ways to help employees grow within their current jobs
  • How to “ask” rather than “tell” when coaching
  • How to incorporate development coaching discussions into day-to-day interactions


Subsequent to the classroom work, the facilitators provide two webinars for each cohort.  The first webinar focuses on discussions of what is working and what is not.  In addition the facilitators troubleshoot and engage the participants in sharing ideas and stories in support of improving each person’s coaching success.  Each cohort chooses a topic for the second webinar.  The facilitators provide them with information on the topic and  assistance in how they might use it in their own coaching.