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Human CapiTools – Tool Kits developed by Miller Consultants on Leadership and Effective Management.

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Human CapiTools is a product line of Miller Consultants, Inc.

Building on the effectiveness of Miller Consultants’s 32 year history in doing organizational consulting, we developed HumanCapitools to provide you with the tools that have proven successful with our clients and many of the world’s best corporations such as Toyota, IBM, Brown-Forman, Kawasaki, and many others worldwide.

 We have developed this series as five tool kits with each aimed at providing you quick, practical, step by step guidelines for your immediate use. Each tool kit is designed in a workbook style so that by the time the time you and your colleagues have finished reading any one of the tool kits, you will have completed a plan that can be put to work.
These tool kits represent our commitment to share with you what we have learned in our work with some of the best companies in the world in a readily accessible and affordable format.

Organizing the Initiative (Launching Organization Initiatives Series)

Developing a Training Strategy (Launching Organization Initiatives Series)

Communication Strategy (Launching Organization Initiatives Series)

How to Talk When You Would Rather Not (Leadership Series)

Effective Meetings (Leadership Series Quick Tools)