Employee Engagement Program for Leaders

By Kathy Miller on September 4th, 2013

Leaders learn skills  for inspiring the engagement of each of their employees in this action learning program: Passion and Performance. The program facilitators work with each participant to assist them in  developing  their  plans for addressing engagement with their teams. The program kicks off with a one-day workshop that includes topics such as:

  • Why leaders should care about employee engagement
  • How to enable engagement that impacts productivity and the well-being of each employee
  • Steps for incorporating employee engagement into the natural work flow
  • Coaching for development as an avenue for creating a more engaged workforce
  • Leading positive change with an engaging and inclusive process

Throughout the session participants work with their own real challenges pertaining to engaging their employees.  They leave the session with an action plan that they can implement immediately.  The sessions are followed with a series of webinars in which the participants share their successes and ongoing challenges as they implement their action plans.  In addition, each webinar includes a special topic such as:

  • Setting the stage for engagement by addressing fear and uncertainty in the workplace
  • Global variations and engagement strategies
  • Generational differences in what works
  • Coaching for development and engagement  in a virtual environment
  • Incorporating non monetary rewards and recognition into the engagement strategy
  • Understanding how the engagement strategy can affect retention of talent

We work with each company to design a program with the right mix of topics to fit their own unique needs.