Communication Skills for the High Performance Workplace

By Miller Consultants on December 7th, 2015

Transparency for the Changing Organization

Half – Day Classroom Learning for All Employees

All of us rely on strong relationships to get things done at work.  And the way we communicate determines the quality of our connections.  Even in the most ideal conditions – constant team members, stable environment both inside and outside the organization, same language, similar backgrounds, and good intentions on all sides — communication still often goes awry. So when the work environment is charged with change and uncertainty skillful and transparent communication is more important than ever.


This half day workshop will help participants learn the communications skills for building and maintaining   strong relationships in a changing organization.  Participants will receive tools and techniques for exploring their communication styles and deepening trust with their colleagues by saying what they really mean, differentiating assumptions from reality and exploring the benefits and the cost of true transparent communication.


  • Communicating to build trust
  • How to say what we really mean
  • Intergenerational communication preferences
  • Managing assumptions
  • Addressing the reality of transparent communication