Case Study: Canyon Ranch

By Kathy Miller on April 7th, 2013

CanyonRanchlogoMiller Consultants partnered with Canyon Ranch, one of the country’s premier wellness and lifestyle companies, to design an imaginative approach to preparing future leaders for this unique organization. This project wrapped basic leadership competencies into a specific organizational context; emphasized as most important the acquisition of organizational-specific competencies; and made action learning the primary vehicle.

An initial assessment identified three categories of competencies needed for future leaders: 1) Canyon Ranch-specific Competencies, 2) General Leadership Competencies, and 3) Business Acumen Competencies. In addition, Miller determined that it was necessary for new leaders to understand the quite different cultures (and best practices) among Canyon Ranch’s different properties.

The resulting design called for internship rotations at each site, allowing for coaching and training in Canyon Ranch-specific, Leadership and Business Competencies while simultaneously exposing new leaders to the culture and best practices at each location. A final “Capstone Benchmarking Project” completed the internship and called for each intern to envision the culture and organizational structure which would best suit one of Canyon Ranch’s new properties.