Case Study: BC Hydro

By Kathy Miller on June 13th, 2013

Over a 2-year time frame, Miller Consultants worked with the BC Hydro Company on the design, development and implementation of a change enablement strategy to support a transformational change effort.   To begin this undertaking we conducted an organizational culture assessment as the first step in the larger change  project.

Using the Denison Culture Assessment instrument we combined personal interviews and focus groups to gather input pertaining to the changes from employees throughout the organization.  This process  provided us and the organizations’  leaders with data pertaining to their current culture as a whole.  In addition, we were able to look at the many subcultures that existed within the company.  This data allowed for a  change strategy targeted to the specific needs and concerns of each part of the company.  The data also pinpointed leadership skills needed by the organization to reach an even higher level of performance.

One aspect of our change-related work involved our coaching and facilitating a change leadership process with the senior leadership team.  Every month for a period of nine months one of our team members partnered with one of Hydro’s  senior leaders to facilitate a half-day meeting with the company’s senior leadership team.  We assisted the team in addressing real organizational issues with new tools and approaches that we provided.  Thus each session was designed to ensure that the group solved ongoing work-related problems while increasing their leadership skills, both as individuals and as a team.

Between the group meetings we coached  individuals on the team and supported them in carrying out the change strategy that we designed together.  We identified metrics that we tracked throughout so that we could measure progress and adjust quickly and flexibly when our strategies weren’t on target.

The leaders evaluated the process as positive.  We succeeded in enabling them to  accomplish their change-related goals and to develop new skills for leading change in the future.