Case Study: Ashland Chemical

By Kathy Miller on June 27th, 2013

Ashland Chemical needed to transform its existing process for leadership development into a much more robust system. So they hired Miller Consultants to assist them with the implementation of the undertaking.


One of their first objectives was to develop activities with broader organizational reach. They also wanted a leadership pipeline throughout the entire organization and more global collaboration throughout the network of business units and countries. It would be a big undertaking, but Ashland management, with the help of Miller Consultants, was up to the task.


It was reassuring to the Miller Consultant team that Ashland was cognizant of the need to shift their current thinking about leadership training. Making a change in this area was a good starting point for the larger project. Instead of simply offering classes in leadership, they would now combine work assignments with classes, with the expectation of better accountability and improved, sustainable performance. Their expectations were well rewarded a few months later.


In addition to short term objectives, the management at Ashland Chemical had some long term goals in mind for the organization. They asked Miller Consultants to provide a new blueprint for leadership development and also benchmarks for assessing both internal and external results. Once the blueprint was designed and implemented, Miller Consultants evaluated its success using several measures. They arranged for feedback to measure content and satisfaction, and they developed mastery tests to measure knowledge gain and behavioral changes. Finally, the Miller Consultant team conducted a “climate survey” which compared participants in the program with non-participants. Final results affirmed that the time and expense involved in the project proved to be well worth the effort.