Building Teams That Trust

By Kathy Miller on January 30th, 2014

Course Overview

The purpose of this workshop is to give participants a framework for creating a strong foundation for team success.   The workshop can be delivered to intact teams or to a mixed group of team leaders.  The material can be delivered as a day or as a half-day workshop.

Course Objectives

  • Review the situational factors in building trust.
  • Examine types of teams and forms of trust.
  • Learn to build the foundations for trust:.
  • Learn to create the framework for trust: steps for creating teams that choose to trust.
  • Teaching teams to talk: How-to’s for leading collective conversations.


  • What is Trust? Competency, reliability, cooperation and ethics
  • How to build trust in a new team
  • How to create trust in an established team
  • How to re establish trust when it is broken
  • How to communicate in order to establish trust


Target Audience:  Team leaders – project or work group

Course Length:  1/2 Day