Book Contributions

By Kathy Miller on April 7th, 2013

In October of 2010, Dr. Miller Perkins was invited by the Harvard Business School to join approximately 100 key international stakeholders in a conference on corporate integrated reporting. Integrated reports combine a company’s financial, environmental, social and governance performance measures. The intent is to provide stakeholders a transparent, past/present/future view of how the corporation is living up to its commitments in each area. According to the organizer, HBS professor Robert G. Eccles, the meeting was the largest gathering of global leaders to address this topic, which included financial and accounting professional, regulators, corporate executives, educators, fund managers and environmental sustainability advocates.

Nitin Nohria, Dean of the Harvard Business School, told the attendees that “integrated reporting is one effort to start to restore the trust we have lost with society, it is an extraordinarily promising idea… as important a topic as we have at this time”.

Subsequent to the workshop, Dr. Miller Perkins was invited to contribute two chapters to the publication of a book encompassing the participant’s contributions to this issue, entitled, “The Landscape of Integrated Reporting”. Here are links to the book, to an executive summary of the book and to each of Dr. Miller Perkins’ chapters:

The Landscape of Integrated Reporting

HBS Integrated Reporting Workshop- Executive Summary

Integrated Reporting and the Collaborative Community (Miller Perkins Chapter) and

Employee Engagement and the Holy Grail , (Miller Perkins Chapter)