Turn Problems into Opportunities

By Miller Consultants on December 8th, 2015

It’s All in How You Frame It!

Half-day workshop for all employees 

So often we look at the matters that we face in the workplace as dilemmas or predicaments rather than as chances to better achieve our goals. Yet through some simple techniques, we can learn to reframe the problems into opportunities that are motivating and engaging.


The purpose of this class is to teach team leaders and individual contributors a method for transforming problems to be solved into opportunities to be addressed so that we can achieve our goals.


  • Understand the difference between solving problems versus addressing opportunities.
  • How to convert problem-solving language to expressions of opportunity.
  • Identifying all stakeholders who have an interest in this opportunity.
  • Communication skills for engaging others in the opportunities.
  • Ways to identify and use strengths to create positive change.