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Miller Consultants Attains DBE Certification

In September of this year (2016) we obtained our DBE certification (Disadvantaged Business Enterprise) from the Department of Transportation.

GHDMiller Consultants Partners with GHD USA

We are pleased to be partnering with GHD, one of the world’s leading professional services company, to serve the New York Metropolitan Transit Authority.  GHD operates in global markets of water, energy and resources, environment, transportation, property and buildings. Their architects, engineers and construction personnel provide services to both public and private clients.


Miller Consultants Partners with KKS Advisors

We are pleased to be partnering with KKS to assist companies and their Boards of Directors develop and refine their sustainability strategies.  Any strategy starts with the basic premise that an organization needs to prioritize among different alternatives in order to allocate scarce organizational resources in the form of human, financial, natural or social capital.  We assist with materiality assessments.  Why perform a materiality analysis?

  • Strategy requires prioritization
  • Organizations have to allocate scarce resources
  • Stakeholder engagement is necessary
  • Enables organizations to determine the relative importance of sustainability issues
  • Materiality analysis is necessary to extend the ‘Performance Frontier’

We bring a fundamentally different process to materiality assessment and analysis that is intended to guide strategic development and resource allocation inside the firm.