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Larry Frerman, Director ,Customer Service & Sales Operations, Sazerac
September 18, 2013  
Top qualities: Trustworthy,Competent, Fun

“My name is Larry A. Frerman.  I am a 60+ year old professional  who has held various director level positions  in several major corporations. I have known Kathy  Miller since 2001 when I started using her as an Executive Coach.  I found Kathy to be an extremely useful resource.  She has been a tremendous help in managing my career and in successfully navigating through the politics of the corporate world. Kathy is a very good listener, has great communication skills, is well educated and has all the  experience  and background needed to help an individual maximize their potential.  She is very confident, provides clear, concise ,and understandable feedback and most of all is completely trustworthy.  I can truthfully say that  I would not hold the job position that I have today without having used her as a coach.   Kathy is a proven asset and also a “ fun person “ to work with.  I highly recommend her as a Coach !”

Bruce Cote, SVP at Brown-Forman
Top qualities: Personable, Good Value, Creative
“I’ve known and worked with Kathy for many years as board member, coworker and client. Kathy’s high integrity, work standards and professionalism show in everything she does. She is a very capable consultant and business person and does the hard, detailed work needed to ensure projects succeed. Kathy listens well and brings a learning mindset and fresh ideas to her work with others. This shows up in all her work: with executives (coaching, executive team development facilitated through work on real business issues); culture integration work with mergers and acquisitions; organization culture change to align and support business strategy and, change management – including work with leaders on leading through uncertainty.”

Bobby Patton, SPHR, MBA, Human Resources Manager at Chevron
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, High Integrity
“I’ve known Kathy for almost 19 years and worked with her while at Rohm and Haas, Geon Company (currently Poly-One) and NOVA Chemicals. Kathy was always willing and able to help and offered up many valuable organizational design and training processes to solve our problems. She is able to communicate with all levels within an organization whether they are union or union-free. She is not only a true professional, but she is also a very true friend. I would highly recommend her to any organization.”

Marisa Guerin, Consultant in Organization Leadership Effectiveness and Strategy Execution
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value
“Kathy Miller provided custom-designed consultation services to the global Training and Development Team that I managed in a major chemical company. She was a wonderful combination of extremely competent and delightful to work with. She was flexible, encouraging, and thorough; even better, she was responsible for helping our manufacturing locations achieve measurably improved costs and operating results — unusual value from an intervention primarily focused on effective training and performance consulting.”

Leslie Russ, OD Consultant at Lexmark International
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value
“Kathy is a highly capable consultant who knows not only how to get things done in an organized, easy to implement manner but also how to build the skill set of the employees involved in the process. Her knowledge and experience cover a wide variety of industries and applications which enable her to help clients solve complex issues and create long term sustainable solutions.”

Ed Webb, President & CEO at Kentucky World Trade Center
Top qualities: Great Results, Good Value, High Integrity
“Kathy is a savvy and connected business professional. She has an excellent understanding of how people think/operate in the workplace and via her experience and network knows who and when to connect.”

Nancy Campbell, Senior Analyst at City of Henderson
Top qualities: Personable, High Integrity, Creative
“Transformational business initiatives depend on your organization’s readiness for change. Kathy and her team are the experts in Change Management, partnering with you to understand and align organizational culture.”

Merrily Orsini, Managing Director of Corecubed
“Strategy and comprehension of the corporate systems are key to initiating change that is effective, accepted and adopted by all, and realizes the desired results for the company. Kathy Miller has intuitive understanding, educational accomplishment, years of experience in the world’s best companies, and a solid proven team to back her up. Watching her make a difference in how companies operate is rewarding, as her work brings about tangible results.”

Kathi Hanley, SVP Carpenter Technology
Top qualities: Personable, Expert, Good Value
“Kathy is a highly effective partner for driving organizational change through organization development based efforts. I have partnered with Kathy at Toyota and now at Carpenter to provide talent assessments and then provide executive coaching to top executives including the C-suite. Kathy and her team can help drive culture change from the top to bottom of an organization. I highly recommend her.”

Gwynn Belcher, Director of Administrative Services at Ypsilanti Community Utilities Authority
Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity
“Kathy Miller and her company performed an organizational analysis for our mid-size municipal water and wastewater utility. From the very beginning of the project, during the RFP stage, Kathy stood out from every other vendor that inquired about the proposal process. Her pre-work and preparation prior to writing the proposal impressed everyone on the selection team. Over the course of the project, a 6-month time frame, Kathy interacted directly with our employees, managers, board members, vendors, and customers. Without exception, she was able to relate to each group of stakeholders, and provided an objective assessment of the varying perspectives. In addition to the assessment, she worked diligently with the leadership team to develop strategies to create a work culture that better supported our increased demand for performance, to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of work processes, and to improve overall organizational performance. Most notable and appreciated is that many of the strategies and programs introduced by Kathy are still in practice today, 3 years later. In fact, we credit the organizational development work done with Kathy and her company for enabling our organization to weather the current economic downturn as well as it is. Kathy’s knowledge, expertise, integrity and personality definitely had a long-term affect on the strength of our organization. I highly recommend her for any type of organizational development work.”

Mike Hoseus, Executive Director at CQPO
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert
“Kathy helped our team at Toyota with the challenging task of restructuring the entire HR department. She is not only an expert in the field of HR but a master at facilitation and bringing out the best of individuals and the entire team by working the process and in the end delivering the results. The improvements we made as result of the process are still in place today and are working well, but more importantly, everyone in the team grew as a result or working with Kathy because she “taught us how to fish”.”