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Here are a few examples of our clients and our working relationships with them:

British Columbia Hydro

Over the last year and a half, Miller Consultants has led the B.C. Hydro EARG (Engineering, Aboriginal Relations and Generation) organization in a change management and executive leadership team development process.

The Miller Consultants team conducted an organizational culture assessment as part of a larger change management project for EARG. Miller used the Denison Culture Assessment instrument in combination with interviews and focus groups to conduct the assessment. The results of the assessment provided Miller and the leadership team (EARGT) with data pertaining to the current state of the EARG organization as a whole and of the individual departments within EARG. The data also pinpointed the leadership skills which would be needed to take the organization to an even higher level of performance as the organization faces increasing opportunities and challenges.

Toyota Motor Manufacturing

We have partnered with the Human Resources department of Toyota Motor Manufacturing in Georgetown, Kentucky to redesign their structure and processes. Also, we have served as coaches to a number of their managers in both operations and staff functions. We have worked with several of their operations management teams to clarify roles, develop strategy and build teams.


We have an ongoing working partnership with the Brown-Forman Corporation. We have assisted their production facilities with the development of operating procedures and technical training systems. In addition, we have worked with their management teams on culture change, team processes, and other aspects of team cohesion and leadership. We have assisted the Human Resources Department with a number of initiatives pertaining to developing the appropriate strategy and culture for the future. We have facilitated several management assimilation processes and have served as coaches to a diverse group of executives.

Other Examples of Business Successes:

  • Assisted the leadership of a multicultural global corporation increase the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization by helping them transform their fragmented and territorial culture to one that is more collaborative, more amenable to sharing information across functions, clearer in communicating and acting on the vision and values, and more able to handle conflict productively.
  • Guided an international project team for a large global corporation in the development and implementation of a training system that led to more cost-effective training that could demonstrate strong return on investments, and less variability in knowledge and skill development across divisions and levels within the company.
  • Led the redesign of a Human Resources Department serving an organization of 7000 plus people resulting in HR’s providing enhanced support to their customers to help them meet their business goals, increased customer satisfaction and stronger perceptions of HR as providing value to the organization and the bottom line.
  • Organized a corporate effort involving Human Resources and Corporate Communications aimed at building a stronger culture aligned with and supportive of the company business strategy.

Client List

Fortune 500 Companies

Toyota Motor Manufacturing
Bristol Myers Squibb
Shell Oil
Procter and Gamble
Lexis Nexis
Global Hyatt Corporation
General Electric
Ernst & Young
Ford Motor


Rohm & Haas, Specialty Chemicals
Borden Chemical
Courtaulds Coatings
Nova Chemicals
Ashland Chemical
BC Hydro
Carpenter Technologies


University of Kentucky
Kentuckiana Education & Workforce Institute Public
University of Louisville School of Business Public Education
Galen University
Kentucky Weslyan University
Hanover College
Centre College

Not for Profit

Christian Church Homes
Kentucky Chamber of Commerce Public
Kentucky Science and Technology Council
Kentucky Banking Association
Dominican Fathers and Brothers
Seven Counties Services


State of Louisiana State Government
Fayette-Urban County Government
Dept of Homeland Security
City of Henderson Department of Public Works
City of Henderson Department of Water and Wastewater
Clark County Nevada Water and Waste Water
Ypsilanti Community Utilities Authority
Louisville Metropolitan Sewer District


META Associates
Kindred Health Care


Farm Credit Services
Gray Construction
Bonita Bay Group
Canyon Ranch
Kawasaki Rail Cars
Swedish Match
Louisville Gas and Electric e.on
Ingram Content