About Us


At Miller Consultants, our goal is to develop fully customized, client-driven solutions based on each client’s unique company strategy, resources, and culture. In all our work, we are committed to responding quickly and effectively to your immediate concerns. But while we are engaged in a rapid response to these short-term needs, we will be working towards establishing a longer-term partnership with you as well. We believe that our ability to deliver the greatest value to your organization comes from our truly collaborating with you. This means that before beginning to work with a new company, we conduct a careful analysis to ensure that we have a good client/consultant match. If we do, then we set out to gain a thorough understanding of your company, your industry, and your organization. Then, when you are ready, we will be prepared to forge a true partnership with you and your employees, operating with a sense of shared responsibility for achievement of your goals. You may need our assistance fairly regularly, or you may only need us once in a while. Either way, we will always be ready to deliver high value products and services to you, our long-term partners.

We do not sell pre-packaged solutions, because we know that two clients facing the same problem are unlikely to benefit from the same solution. In addition, we believe that even the best-designed plan will fail if the people who are responsible for and affected by the changes it will bring do not have input into the plan’s design. By collaborating with you to diagnose needs and to design and deliver solutions, support for the selected solution tends to be a natural outcome of the process. Another benefit of heavy client involvement is the development of your internal expertise. This approach not only effectively meets your immediate needs but also better equips you to deal with future challenges.

We also collaborate with you to determine the type and amount of assistance you need. In some cases, you might decide merely to purchase one of our tool kits and use it on your own. Each tool kit is designed to help users develop a strategy for addressing a particular organizational performance issue, such as the design and implementation of a training system or the development of a communication plan. Rather than prescribing pat solutions to generic problems, our tool kits walk you through a process for developing solutions that fit your unique objectives and circumstances. If you like, you may then call on us to help you implement your solution.

Alternatively, you might choose to use our consulting and facilitation assistance in the early stages of strategy development, but then implement the strategy on your own. In these circumstances, we check on you from time-to-time to be sure you are achieving the desired results. Or you might choose to collaborate with us from beginning to end of a project. The decision is yours.

Benefits of Our Customized, Client-Centered Approach in This Era of Rapid Change

Even the strongest organizations and most experienced company leaders are finding these days that the business processes, organizational structures, employee selection processes, and reward systems that served well in the past are no longer effective. Trends such as globalization, mergers and acquisitions, rapid technological advances, a more mobile and independent workforce, and shorter product cycles call for completely new ways of working. And perhaps even more daunting than the individual challenges is the rate at which these changes are occurring.

Miller Consultants’ Approach

Finding new answers that suit your unique needs and developing cost-effective solutions that won’t be out of date before they can be implemented are both formidable tasks. Miller Consultants’ approach to dealing with organizational performance issues is well suited to this era of rapid change and to the new ways of working that it demands. For example:

  • For an organization to be flexible enough to react to rapid change, the people who do the work must be empowered to make decisions about how that work is done. Our services and tools equip individuals at all levels to solve their own problems.
  • In an organizational structure that provides more local autonomy, it can be more difficult to align local efforts with organizational goals and to coordinate cross-functional efforts. All of our services and tools address these potential pitfalls by providing strategies for tying local efforts to organizational goals, for involving all affected parties, and for considering the possible far-reaching effects of each possible solution.
  • In a time when new job skills are in demand all the time, the most valuable workers are those who can learn, adapt, and solve problems. Our approach helps participants evolve into this type of worker.
  • The demands of daily operations can make it difficult for you to keep up with trends in your industry and keep an eye to the future. That is why we make it our business to know what is going on in your industry, and why we continuously refresh our own skills, our knowledge base and our tools to help you address new issues and consider new options.